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New Zealand Online Shop Advertising on PriceDirect.

PriceDirect charges a yearly listing fee. We do not charge a commisson per product sale, unless you are setup for affiliate shopping and would prefer this model.

There are many benefits of listing on PriceDirect. If you have a phyisical shop we show google map locations of your stores. Each product links through to your website, increasing your search engine rankings with keyword rich linking directly to your products.

PriceDirect provides new customer leads, as next time the customer may go direct via your website to purchase the product.


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Large Retailers

We encourage large retailers to join PriceDirect. Please contact us for Advertising costs.

*NO SET UP FEE - PriceDirect reserves the right to decline retail applicants should their online shop not be of a standard that Price Direct requires.

How it works

PriceDirect features in New Zealand Retail MagazinePriceDirect features in
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Typically we set up a product feed from your website to PriceDirect. This allows for any changes made on your website to automatically be updated on the PriceDirect website. Products are organised into categories and can be searched via keywords and geographical store locations. Each product displayed links directly through to the retailers website where the transaction takes place.

For small retailers with a limited number of products can be provided via a spreadsheet file which we then import. In this case no *setup fee will be required.

PriceDirect is fully integrated and powered by AccedePlus Online Shopping Systems. If your shop is powered by Accedeplus no *setup fee is required.

If you are a web development company that provides online shopping cart solutions and would like to integrate your system into PriceDirect please contact us:

General Enquiries

PriceDirect has been developed and is 100% owned by Accede Ltd. All general enquiries can be made to:

Accede Ltd T/A Pricedirect
PO Box 1807

Phone: +643 409 8768

Sales Enquiries

Teresa Wallace: 0274 343 925

Online Registration Enquiry Form

Please click here to register online now.

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